How to plan a bathroom renovation in london

Planning for your bathroom refurbishment in London can be tasking. There are many things to think about the choice of bathroom design, the type of bathroom fittings to be used, who will do the bathroom installation and renovation, keeping the project within budget, and a lot more. 

This article will guide you on achieving a seamless bathroom refurbishment in London that will meet your taste. So, let’s get started.

Factors to consider when planning your Bathroom Refurbishment in London:


This is a crucial factor when planning your renovation in London. You don’t want to end up with a bathroom design that cannot match what you have to spend. However, It doesn’t mean that your budgeting should stop you from creating the bathroom installation of your dream. The essence of having a budget is to help you manage your finance, ensuring that you devote money only to necessary installations. Begin by identifying the essential elements for your ideal bathroom and what needs to be installed, and then you can proceed from there.

Bathroom Fittings

For this, you've to decide whether you'll be getting new or reusing old items like showerheads, taps, heating systems, furniture, etc. In London, you can consult Deluxcore Ltd for the best bathroom fittings you can find. Our company partners with the best suppliers in the market to get quality products for our customers. The team of specialists will help you source the materials and install them. You can also visit our website or contact us on 02 080 587 508 to learn more about us and get familiar with our services.


While many people would prefer the traditional white or sea green tiling on the floor or walls, you can make the tile installation to your taste. Choose your favourite colour that would blend with the other installations of the property, have a design in mind, decide if the tiles would complete the wall or just half part. You can even decide if you want just plastering and painting or wallpaper. Keep in mind that the installer is there to give you the best service you specify, so make it count.


The best strategy for any style is to develop a realistic design and constantly review the design when each item is installed to ensure that all the physical changes do not deviate from the original design.

Bathroom Lighting

The type of lighting you choose for your bathroom will have a lot of effect on the outcome. There are so many fantastic lighting styles to choose from, but make sure you go for one that will provide enough illumination.


What space do you have, and how can you maximize it? For instance, there are many bathrooms solution that can make your room feel spacious such as storage solutions and under-sink cabinets. You can also use a wetroom to guarantee a managed space.


It would be best if you were flexible to avoid paying plumbers for a rework, especially with existing bathrooms.


Who will be using the new bathroom? Is the bathroom going to serve other people, or is it en suite for you alone? Will it have a wet room style? Long bath? For instance, if it is going to be used by everyone, a shower room may be better. Or you can design private bathrooms to any taste of your choice.

Simple Guide on How to plan for your London Bathroom Renovation

To get started on the process of getting your bathroom done in London:

Decide on what you want

The more clarity you have, the more seamless the bathroom refurbishment project will be. Make a drawing of your bathroom and plot every item (shower, toilet, bathtub, basin, etc.) to see if the installation would fit. Allow doors to be free from obstacles when opening and closing.

Choose your Bathroom Fitters

You need the service of an experienced team or quality bathroom fitter to handle your renovation. Many companies in London are ready to take this extra process off the shoulders of the customer. You can always contact different ones to get a free quote, compare their workmanship and see which one fits the range you are looking for. If you find some that tick most of the boxes, that’s a green light to go ahead.

It is also necessary to call and schedule a physical meeting with these installers at your property to assess your bath area, discuss the services needed, hear what their workmanship involves and determine the amount of work to be done. A physical visit at the house will allow you to assess the team, professionalism, service strength and approach to the project.

bathroom refurbishment in London

Decide on a Theme

There are many choices for a theme. From different paint colours, plastering, fixings, tiles, and others. Your theme should complement the rest of the house. London’s standard colour trend is soft pastels, white and grey. In some cases, people may choose sky blue or sea green. No matter, what you decide to choose, make sure it is relaxing and soothing.

When it comes to floor and tiling, go for items that are specifically designed for wet areas. It is your obligation to ensure you settle for floorings that would be safe for everyone using the new bathroom.

Also, go for quality materials. They will guarantee to stand the test of time.

bathroom refurbishment in London


When the team of bathroom fitters are done with their job, it is time for you to do your part by adding the finishing touches to get your masterpiece.

Large-sized bathrooms provide more space. However, you’ll need more fitting and fixtures to fill those spaces.

A larger bathroom will need more item installation and features, so the amount to be spent will be higher.

The quality of materials gotten also contributes significantly to what you will spend on the project.

If you want a luxurious bathroom, you must spend more on the premium items you install to guarantee the best.

bathroom refurbishment in London


Planning for your bathroom installation and refurbishment is not always easy, especially if you are not well experienced in the field. Bathroom refurbishment can be very complex, so it is better to get the services of professional bathroom fitters to help you handle your bathroom installation projects for you to get guaranteed results.

In London, there are many companies which you can hire their services to plan, design, install and give your bathroom a complete makeover. One of such is Deluxecore Ltd.

Deluxcore Ltd is one company that has been in this business with many years of experience in providing the best service and turning around different types of bathrooms to suit the owner’s needs. Deluxcore will handle your bathrooms’ planning, design, installation, tilling, and decorating with ease.

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