How Much Does Fitting A New Bathroom Cost?


Pricing is a key factor in any project, and the process of a bathroom installation in London is not an exception. Before you begin your bathroom refurbishment, you need to determine how much you will spend to achieve that dream bathroom design of yours.

Let me guide you on estimating what you will be spending to complete the bath area in your house.

bathroom installation in london

Bathroom Fittings

You need to decide what type of suite you will be installing in your new bathroom. This includes the toilet, shower, wetroom, bath, overhead shower, and basin. Once you are comfortable with something, that is a green light to go ahead with it. 

The cost will vary from £100 to £4000 for the materials of a complete suite. It will also take you an additional £3000 to £7000 for good workmanship from bathroom fitters to install what is needed.

Removing the old Bathrooms

You have to remove the old bathrooms before installing a new one. This exercise is not free as it will attract charges which vary from £400 to £1000 depending on whether or not the existing floor, tiling, plastering, or even bathtub will be removed.


The charge for installing a new bathroom will depend on the number of person-hours required for the job and the number of bathroom fitters working on it. On average, this should be in the range of £800 to £7000.

Extra Plumbing Work

The charge for work that involves plumbers in London will be cheaper if installing the new bathroom items are done on the same spot as the old units. 

If you intend to rearrange things in your bathroom or convert a room into a new bathroom, this will attract additional charges. Seeking additional information from plumbers for free will go a long way.

Electric Work

If the bathroom installation is going to be done in a new room, you need to hire a professional electrician to do the wiring and installation of the new lights. 

You can spend an average of £50/hour on hiring a professional electrician, and this will depend on the side of London you stay in, and the type of job to be done.

What is the average cost of bathroom installation in London?

Based on our experience and other data from tradespeople across London, the average price of a bathroom installation in London is between £3500 and £7500. 

This involves removing the old installations, installing new plumbing and electrics, replacing an old basin, installing a new toilet, changing a bath to a shower cubicle, and installing an underfloor heating system. 

All these contribute to determining how much you will spend to get that new bathroom of your dream. 

Removing Old Bathroom:

Removing the old bathroom is one of the tasks involved during bathroom refurbishment. If you are removing the current bathroom and replacing it with a new one, you will be paying around £1000. Having extensive tiling to remove may attract higher charges. Also bare in mind the cost of the rubbish disposal which could be around £350 to £450.

bathroom installation in london

New Bathroom Design

If you are engaging a reputable firm such as Deluxe for your bathroom renovation, it comes with design as part of the total package. The charge for these services ranges from £200 to £500 depending on the kind of design and remodeling services to be rendered.

Price of Materials

This has the biggest impact on how much you will spend on your bathroom renovation in London. There are different bathroom fittings with varying qualities. For instance, a simple toilet can be as small as £50 while some smart toilets can go as far as a few thousand pounds. When you apply the same concept to other bathroom fittings such as sinks, showers, tiles, taps, and rails, the average price of bathroom materials is between £2000 - £8500.

bathroom installation in London
bathroom installation in london


Bathroom fitters are not free as they charge per day for their services. The price can go between £250 -£350 per day for a bathroom fitter. If you hire a team of bathroom fitters, the price will be higher, but you are guaranteed that the job will be delivered faster.

Underfloor Heating:

bathroom installation in london

Most modern bathrooms now prefer underfloor heating; this comes in two styles, dry and wet room floors. 

Installing the wet room systems can be complicated as the system need to be connected to the boiler through the manifold, Unlike the dry bathroom installation, which is easily installed. 

The implication is that if you go for a wet system, the expenses for your renovation will be higher. On average, the installation of a bathroom heating system is about £300 in London.


Hire Professional London
Bathroom Fitters for Your Refurbishment

bathroom installation in london

The best way to handle your bathroom installation project is to hire professional fitters to do the work. These companies have years of experience handling different bathroom installations projects.